4 Nakaangat na mga Kart ng Golf na Seaters

Dalawang hilera ng mga upuan na may mga strap ng bag ng golf sa likuran para sa hanggang sa 4 katao. Kasangkapan ng independiyenteng suspensyon at mas malaking gulong at mga gulong sa labas ng kalsada, ang 4-seater lift golf cart ay may mas mataas na pag-akyat at off-road na pagganap at perpekto para sa maburol na golf course.

  • 4 seater lifted golf carts
  • 4 seater lifted golf carts
  • 4 seater lifted golf carts
  • 4 seater lifted golf carts

Specification of 4 Seater Lifted Golf Carts

Overall Dimension2910*1350*2200mm
Passengers Capcity4
Max. Speed40km/h & 25mph
Max. Travelling Range80-100km
Slope Climbing Capacity30%
Turning Radius3m
Ground Clearance150mm
Brake Distance≤4m
Front/Rear Tread950/1000mm
Electric system
MotorAC, 48V, 5kW
Controller48V, 350-400A
Battery typeLead Acid, 150Ah, 8V*6pcs
ChargerIntelligent high-frequency car charger
Charging time8 hours
Steering“Rack & Pinoin” Steering
Motivation control
Braking systemFront Disc Brake, Rear Drum Brake, EMB system
Front axle and suspensionIndependence suspension
Rear axle and suspensionIntegral rear axle
Tire20*10-12, with aluminium alloy wheel rim
Dash boardLCD instrument, Multifuction, show time, speed, driving     range,battery capacity, etc
LightFront & rear combination LED lights
SeatBus cold foam sponge + high resilience PU leather fabric
Body materialSteel frame + ABS engineering plastic molding material

4 Seater Lifted Golf Carts: The Ultimate Way to Get Around the Course

For golf enthusiasts, having a comfortable and reliable golf cart can make a huge difference in their game. The latest trend in golf carts is the 4 seater lifted model, which has quickly become a favorite among golfers. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the features that make 4 seater lifted golf carts the ultimate way to get around the course.

Increased Capacity

Unlike traditional golf carts that can only accommodate two or three golfers, 4 seater lifted golf carts have enough room to transport up to four golfers at a time. This is particularly convenient for groups of golfers who want to play together and socialize while going to different holes.

Enhanced Ride Comfort and Stability

The lifted design of these golf carts makes them perfect for navigating the hilly and rocky terrains of golf courses. The larger tires and higher clearance provide better stability, making for a smooth and comfortable ride throughout the game.

Improved Styling

4 seater lifted golf carts come in a wide range of styles, making it easy for every golfer to find one that suits their taste. From sleek and modern designs to vintage-inspired models, there is a 4 seater lifted golf cart for everyone.

Multipurpose Functionality

4 seater lifted golf carts are versatile vehicles that can be used for other purposes besides golfing. They make great vehicles for camping, transportation around the neighborhood, or any outdoor activity that requires transportation. This makes them an excellent investment for those who enjoy spending time outdoors.

Efficient Engine Performance

The engines of 4 seater lifted golf carts are designed to provide excellent speed and performance on and off the course. They come with powerful motors that allow golfers to move around the course quickly, saving them time and increasing the efficiency of their game.

Cost-effective and Low Maintenance

Compared to other types of vehicles, 4 seater lifted golf carts are a more affordable option both in terms of initial purchase price and maintenance costs. They require less maintenance than cars or SUVs, which means lower annual operating costs for golfers.

In conclusion, a 4 seater lifted golf cart is a versatile and reliable vehicle that is perfect for golfers who want to enhance their golfing experience. These golf carts provide increased passenger capacity, better stability, and improved styling, making them the ultimate way to get around the course. Additionally, their multipurpose functionality, efficient performance, and low maintenance costs make them an investment worth considering for anyone who loves spending time outdoors.

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